Comprehensive Food Service Solutions –
From an Experienced Team

  • We specialize in providing all of your food service requirements and have the ability to satisfy your needs in Catering, Dining, Office Coffee and Water Service, Micro Markets, Vending, and of course special requests.
  • AtlantisValley’s innovation, customization, and experience combine to deliver to you the best workplace food service in Southern Wisconsin.
  • Range of business events we service, from a small Board of Directors meeting to a large company picnic for 6,000 people.
  • We also service customers in the hospitality, institutional, and educational industries.

A History of Success –
Our People are The Key
With a Proven Track Record

  • Scott Hildebrandt, Director, Food Service and our group of skilled chefs are the key team members in charge of fresh food production and menu development.
  • Scott’s experience spans over 20 years overseeing and managing commissary and catering operations while working for Mike Swanson.
  • Our chef’s varied experience covers the gamut of catering, from casual picnics through fine dining.
  • Mike Swanson, a 40 year veteran, along with a team of key employees from his past company, will be in charge of delivering the day to day service which strives to develop relationships to best satisfy customers!